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First of all what exactly is Nutrition Response Testing?

In a nutshell, Nutrition Response Testing is a Reflex Based Technique.

It is a precise and scientific clinical muscle testing procedure used to evaluate health needs by testing the body's neurological reflexes and acupressure points.

Nutrition Response Testing, (NRT): 

It is the study of how the different points of the surface of the body relate to the "flow of energy" or state of health in EVERY organ and function of the body.

You may be thinking this sounds crazy at first but think about it...


Each reflex represents a specific organ, tissue or function which reflects the energy or the lack of and its effect on the body. By testing the various reflexes, Dr. Locklin is able to monitor your body at each visit to identify what specifically your body needs and how well the needs of your body is being met.

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Common Health Issues Dr. Locklin addresses with Nutrition Response Testing:


Digestion Problems

Low Energy/Fatigue

Cholesterol Issues

Sleeping Problems

Weight Loss




Bowel Problems(Constipation, Diarrhea)

Hormonal Concerns for Men and Women

Immune Challenges

Young Athlete Support


Chronic Non-Resolving Health Concerns

Cravings for Sweets/Caffeine

Excessive Appetite

Poor Circulation

And More!

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