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Meet Dr. Shaun Locklin:

What is his Mission?


Dr. Shaun Locklin is a North Country Native.

Dr. Locklin has been serving Franklin, St. Lawrence and Clinton County for over 20 years with his

Chiropractic Care & Nutrition Response Testing Services.

Dr. Shaun resides in Franklin County with his wife and four children.

When not at the office, Dr. Shaun and his family enjoy outdoor activities and sporting events.

Dr. Shaun is not only a Doctor of Chiropractic but is also a

Master Clinician in Nutrition Response Testing.


What is his mission?


Dr. Locklin's Purpose:

To be the "go to" Natural Healer in his area.


The healthcare professional that a person would turn to for

Non-Medical/Non-Pharmaceutical solutions to maintain and improve their health.


To consistently achieve long-term positive outcomes with multitudes of people, inspiring them to share their stories and happily refer others.

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