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Products Available at Locklin Chiropractic

Mountain Ice and BioFreeze Products

We are so excited to announce that we are now the proud carries of Mountain Ice Products and BioFreeze!


What makes Mountain Ice so special?

It is a pain relieving gel created by a New York State Veteran!

We are also pleased to announce that we are carrying

BioFreeze Roll On and Tubes!

This is another great pain relieving gel!


Want to know if it would work for you?

Stop by our office to get your sample TODAY! 

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biofreeze tube.jpeg

Systemic Formula Products

Systemic Formulas is a company that manufactures supplements using unique combinations of minerals, RNA/DNA Tissue Factors, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and botanicals.

They have producing a variety of products designed to assist patients with specific health issues and provide their bodies with the individualized support they need for over 50 years!

Their goal is to provide patients with supplements that boost and support their immune system, vital body functions, organ function and general wellness.

For more information on Systemic Formula Products you can visit their website at:


Come on down and talk to Dr. Locklin to ask him any questions you may have about their products!

HVS Laboratories Products

HVS Laboratories HomeoVitics Products is a registered homeopathic medicine manufacturer.

HVS Laboratories has been producing high quality homeopathic formulas since 1979.


If you are someone who prefers homeopathic remedies or are someone who has trouble swallowing capsules/pills talk to Dr. Locklin to see how HVS can help you today!

For more information on HVS products please visit their website at


Energetix Products:

Energetix is a company that provides high quality natural remedies.


Energetix produces products that are comprised of pure raw materials and they use clean processing methods to ensure the highest standards of quality ingredients in their products.

Exergetix is providing specialty handcrafted products including topicals, botanicals, homeopathics and nutritionals.

If you are curious about Energetix check out their website at


Stop by the office and talk to Dr. Locklin!

Southern Botanicals Products

Never heard of Southern Botanicals?

Check out their website at


Stop by the office and talk to Dr. Locklin!

Southern Botanicals is a company that provides and produces herbal and nutritional products that assist in detoxing, cleansing and supporting your entire body!

Their goal?

To help patients have more energy, feel better and to be healthier!

On their website they provide detailed explanations as to why they produce and how they produce the products they do!


You can also check out their blog, videos and articles!


MarcoPharma Products:

MarcoPharma is a company whose mission is to simply provide and distribute pure homeopathic remedies to all those seeking to improve their health!

MarcoPharma is dedicated to providing holistic healthcare products internationally with the highest quality in mind!

Stop by the office to ask Dr. Locklin about MarcoPharma and what makes them different!

You can also check out their website at!

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